About Us

The association was established by concerned West Virginians who recognized the need for a collective voice to protect and advance the interests of the land and mineral owners within our state. We are the only organization positioned to monitor and actively defend the interests of land and mineral owners within West Virginia. Membership adds strength to our voice.

The West Virginia Land and Mineral Owners (WVLMOA) is committed to promoting positive land management practices, to lobbying public issues that affect land and mineral ownership and to providing members with valuable educational and networking opportunities that can increase their effectiveness in the natural resource marketplace.

For more information contact our Executive Director, Michael Haid, at Michael@maplecreative.com or 304.951.9460.

Organizational Mission

To advance the interests of major land and mineral owners in West Virginia by:

  • Promoting the use of land management practices that enhance the long-term economic interests of the local communities affected by those practices;
  • Working with diverse stakeholder groups (government agencies, environmental organizations, trade associations, property and mineral lessees, and local community groups) to address public issues that affect land and mineral ownership.


2023 Calendar

Oil and Gas meetings are to be held at 2025 Quarrier Street in Charleston. There is two hour parking on Michigan Street, Quarrier Street is residential permit parking only.


  3/2   3:00pm — Coal & Forestry Committee

  3/7   3:00pm — Oil & Gas Committee


  4/4   3:00pm — Board of Directors


  6/1   3:00pm — Coal & Forestry Committee

  6/6   3:00pm — Oil & Gas Committee


  7/11   3:00pm — Board of Directors


  9/7   3:00pm — Coal & Forestry Committee

  9/12   3:00pm — Oil & Gas Committee


  10/3   3:00pm — Board of Directors


  12/7   3:00pm — Coal & Forestry Committee

  12/12   3:00pm — Oil & Gas Committee

  12/19   3:00pm — Board of Directors


The WVLMOA is comprised of three standing committees that are dedicated to representing, preserving and protecting the interests of those who are a part. Each committee is comprised of members who are experts in their respective fields, and meets bi-monthly to discuss how issues affect members and how the WVLMOA should act upon those issues.


The Coal Committee does a great job of keeping members up to speed on current market conditions, environmental threats, legal developments and current legislation that impacts natural resource development.

— Lantz Rankin, Coal Committee Chair


The goal of the Forestry Committee is to stay abreast of current / pending issues affecting all aspects of forestland ownership and to provide guidance and leadership to the association through our involvement with the Board of Directors and the Legislative Strategy Committee. Another important focus of the committee is providing educational opportunities which help us facilitate the creation of a learning environment for our members.

— Terry Elkins, Forestry Committee Chair

Oil & Gas

The mission of the oil and gas committee is to improve the return on landowners' oil and natural gas resources through increased exploration and production of oil and gas. The goal is to minimize waste and to preserve, protect, advance and represent the interests and rights of mineral and royalty owners through education, advocacy and assistance to our members.

— Doug Douglas, Oil & Gas Committee Chair