The West Virginia Land & Mineral Owners Association (WVLMOA) is a West Virginia-based non-profit supported by member dues and supporters. Your membership is vitally important to advancing the rights of land, surface, and mineral owners in West Virginia.

Your membership allows us to sponsor bills, hire lobbyists, file amicus curiae briefs, as well as advancement, promotion, and education.

Membership Application


  • President

    Joe Bevil

    Beaver Coal Co.

  • Vice President

    Torrey Evans

    Dingess-Rum Properties

  • Secretary

    Lewis Payne

    Payne Gallatin Co.

  • Treasurer

    Becky Kessler

    Law Office of Larry George

  • Past President

    Phil Montague

    Cole & Crane Real Estate Trust

  • Coal Chair

    Lantz Rankin

    Heritage Technical Associates

  • Forestry Chair

    Terry Elkins

    Dickinson Group

  • Oil & Gas Chair

    Doug Douglas

    CSI, Inc.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Allen

    Pardee Resources Group

    Charleston, WV

  • Ron Potesta

    Potesta & Associates, Inc.

    Charleston, WV

  • Kevin Craig

    Natural Resources Partners

    Huntington, WV

  • Bob Hart

    Hart Petro Global

    Charleston, WV


  • Alderson Heirs, LLC
  • Amherst Industries, Inc.
  • A.M. Prichard Trust
  • Beaver Coal Company
  • BlueSource Sustainable Forests Company
  • Briar Mountain Coal & Coke
  • Broun Properties
  • Cole & Crane Real Estate
  • Pardee Resources Group
  • Payne-Gallatin Mining Co.
  • PRC Holdings
  • Pocahontas Land Corp.
  • Dingess-Rum Properties
  • Eagle Land Company
  • Golden Eagle Land Company, LLC
  • H.A. Robson Trust
  • Idale S. Buskirk Trust
  • J.L. Beury Limited Partnership
  • Lawson Heirs Incorporated
  • LML Properties
  • Southern Land Co.
  • The Dickinson Group
  • Wright Holdings
  • Windom Law Offices, PLLC
  • Logan Coal & Timber Corp.
  • Mingo Oil & Gas Co.
  • Natural Resource Partners, LP
  • Rex Coal Land Co.
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Morris Mountaineer Oil and Gas, LLC

Associate Members

  • Allegheny Surveys, Inc
  • American Forest Management, Inc.
  • ARM Services, LLC
  • Bowles Rice, LLP
  • C.L. Ritter Lumber Co.
  • C.L. Ritter/Huddleston Bolen
  • C.L. Ritter/Hess, Stewart & Campbell, PLLC
  • Campbell Woods, PLLC
  • DT Midstream, Inc.
  • First Surety Corp.
  • Gaddy Engineering
  • Garland Fork, LLC
  • Hart & Associates
  • Heritage Technical Associates, Inc.
  • Howard Engineering
  • GO West Virginia, Inc.
  • Law Offices of Larry W. George
  • Mountain State Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Potesta & Associates, Inc.
  • Reserve Oil & Gas, Inc.
  • Robinson & McElwee
  • Suttle & Stalnaker, PLLC
  • Spilman, Thomas & Battle
  • Thomas, Combs & Spann, PLLC
  • Thomas Persinger, PLLC
  • Vass Engineering and Mineral Appraisals, PLLC
  • Whiteford, Taylor and Preston